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Party at Mallory Square in Key West

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Party at Mallory Square in Key West

Key West Tour

Key West is a great place to go to if you love to party. Key West has warm sunny weather most of the time. It

also has plenty of activities, bars, restaurants and clubs to keep anyone happy. Coupled with its proximity to

Miami, the city attracts tourists from all over the world.

The locals are also known to be a friendly bunch and will be more than happy to show you where everybody

goes to have fun and kick back. If you’re in Miami, you can get to Key West by booking a Miami to Key West

shuttle or signing up for a Miami to Key West bus tours.

About Malloy Square

There is no doubt about it: the best place to party in all of Key West is Mallory Square. Mallory Square has

always figured prominently in Key West’s commercial and social development. In the 1820s, when Key West

was just getting to its feet, warehouses where loot from shipwrecks was stored were located near the waterfront

at Mallory Square. It was the place where people from town and outside would gather and chat with each other.

Today, Mallory Square is still Miami’s center of hub of activity. It’s where several of the city’s top museums,

theaters, shops and bars are located. Mallory Square also happens to be where the city’s most popular tourist

attraction, the “Sunset Celebration”, is held every day.

The Sunset Celebration – The Biggest Party in Key West

The Sunset Celebration attracts hundreds of tourists every day to Mallory Square every evening. The

celebration begins exactly two hours before official sunset times. The event was first introduced in the 1960s

and has continued going strong till date.

You get to watch some very talented magicians, jugglers, clowns, and perform some entertaining mini-shows.

You can get your future told by local town psychics and enjoy some great street food at the various stalls on

Mallory Square.

You can meet new people like your fellow tourists or the locals at the celebration. All the while, the sun is

going down in the distance, casting beautiful golden touches on everything you see. The atmosphere at the

sunset celebration is always vibrant and alive – you really get a feel for the island’s part atmosphere (though it

can be laid back at other times)!

Other Key West Attractions in Key West

Apart from Mallory Square, there are several great pubs spread out all over Key West that you should check

out. Key West also has some great museums, gardens, and other landmarks you might find interesting. Duval

Street, in particular, is the commercial hub of the city and a favorite with the tourists. You can shop for island

wear and other travel souvenirs here.

If you want to find other happening places in Key West or just want to catch its top attractions, you should

consider signing up for a tour of the city. Key West tours usually include visits to all the most interesting places

the city has to offer.

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